Why Kpop is Not Just a Genre of Music

Korean pop is that music genre that everyone is going crazy about but maybe you are not aware of it. You know what is pop music or jazz or rock or EDM but never heard there is a genre called Kpop. Well, this genre is breaking the internet and how! You must have danced to the tunes of the Gangnam Style in various parties but didn’t know that it belonged to the Kpop genre. There are people from all over the world who are actually crazy about this kind of music but what makes it such a popular genre after all?

Music and dance

Kpop is not just about the beats and the addictive music. It is also about the amazing choreographed dance moves that make the song go to another level. There are stunning looking actors who perform on these videos and the entire song is like a celebration. The combination of both music and dance is what Kpop is all about. Sometimes you will feel as if the song was written and composed keeping in mind the dance steps or the kind of choreography it will require. So, it is not just the music that will drive you; it is also the dance to which you should shake a leg or two.

The enormous endorsements

Another reason why Kpop music has become so popular is that there are Kpop idols who endorse various products and services. This may not have anything to do with the music or the people who listen to them but these pop idols can make a difference to the society with their endorsements. Even if you don’t expect that idol to endorse that kind of product, you will notice that they are doing it on popular demands. There was Yuri who once endorsed for the donation of blood type A so that people could come and donate for an emergency.

The basic reason why Kpop music is more attractive than just soothing to the ears is that it believes in the instant hit rather than becoming the long-term favorites of music lovers. Moreover, you may be interested to buy the product that your Kpop idol endorses. So, it is a benefit for the company, the star who is endorsing the product, and also to you because you will be the end user. This is one of the most unique ways to sell both commodities and music together. Want to learn more? Contact Kpop Merchandise to learn more how you can endorsements for kpop music.

It was in 1996 when H.O.T, the boy band started their journey and brought together the genre of Kpop music. Soon, their music played on every device, be it adults or youngsters and they became a huge hit overnight. With the recent Gangstam Style by Psy, Kpop has taken a new direction into the world of music. It was the most-viewed video on YouTube when it first released on the web. So, you can understand the craze that the young generation has for this style of music. It is a genre to stay because music and dance combined, it gives a whole new dimension to the song altogether.

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